Hi, I am Nihan Gencer

I am an ecology, music and SNA enthusiast and dreamer of human circles connecting with each other so it becomes a giant flower of life.
I co-facilitate musical circles like frame drum circles and sound meditation circles. Circle is the best way to be one and connected while compassionately embracing differences.
In the search of making humanity grow and shine together in real world, I am convinced that less is more. Keeping it super simple is essential. Connecting the inner child with mother nature is this essence.

My effort intends to build a bridge within two worlds. Bringing unity to this physical realm as much as possible. Inner child and mother nature. The digital world and the real one. Imaginations and life.

It is a field that is suggesting you to go out, meet the real people around your neighborhood. Grounding the anxiety of separation/isolation within one simple circle.

First touch to the frame drum and resonating sound of your voice so that we can feel alive and one.

When I was a kid I use to have epilepsy. Epilepsy is a phenomena that left me with some wounds. When attack comes it starts with an unease and descent in physical control until the complete take over. No idea what is taking over but physically it feels like the lightning crash into the field of neurons in very unusual way. The visuals and waking up from that attack is something that i can only describe with all emotions of entire life bundled rushing over me and more. Then it slowly fades out and used to leave me with all that suffer of the world. 
One of my attacks I saw very vivid thing my neural network expanded in front of me into a real network around the earth. As this Social Network that I was dreaming of. The good part is that, it was not under my control. The growth of the network was completely autonomous. Just like the idea of Flower of Life | Human Circles Network.

The earth is a big ecosystem that we can grasp only little parts of it. We humans have a big share in that network connected all the way whether we are aware or not. We can feel it. We can feel a little virus as the consequence of isolation and disconnection from that network can even kill us. Connection of Mana/Prana/Chi/Manitu/Pneuma is with the breath. When we isolate the breath that is also a statement. Letting go of that is another statement.

Life is here for us to Experience it. Circle is the best form to experience that unity. One way or another when we feel suppressed to superior that is caused by separation illusion; then we feel we can’t make it. When we feel superior from something then we feel also inferior from something else too. We don’t need none of these. We can be circle where everyone stands in the same level; neither in front nor at back. That gives the courage to embrace what sufis call Tawheed(unity).

There is always a lot to learn in life. Music was always a vehicle to feel that divinity in me and discover more of it. One of the instruments I play is dear to me. It is called rebab, we can claim that it is the ancestor of violin. A long fretless bow instrument with modal micro-tonal music can open vast doors into infinite possibilities and I love getting lost there.
Another very dear instrument for me is bendir (frame drum) the skin and the circle. Circle like the moon and the sun. Indigenous and intuitive. As simple as that and we all have the code imprinted to our DNA about how to play it. I started playing this instrument when I was 9 dealing with severe epilepsy. Bendir healed me with its rhythm. Repetition is a unique way to soothe the mind and that is the main reason why rituals are so powerful.
According to Vedic knowledge this life has two qualities. One is the beat, the prana, the movement, the action and the other one is the rhythm, the apana, repetition, ritual. I feel I embrace life whole heartedly when facilitating frame drum human circles. That is a celebration of collective in one circle.
Something very simple and genuine can be very powerful. Silence is powerful, a laugh is powerful, crying out is very powerful. When we’re together, their power is amplified because it starts resonating in so many morphic levels and beyond time/space reality.
My profession is system analyze and social network analyze, when I made a global call for peace to the hearts right after the coup attempt in Turkey, my intuition resonated in some other parts of the world. We have sat globally into circle and pray for peace. The social network graph of these global circles brought an ancient form; Flower of Life. That is when I decided to go for it and create a portal to welcome all facilitators to connect one another. Moon circle, sun circle, woman circle, men circle, drum circle, awakin circle, universal dance circle in every content just one form to unite. Omnism is the way that we respect one another. Inter-religious co-exist circles possible to create more in-depth understanding of each other. All we have to remember is we are just human beings.
While I was working on my MA thesis on Social Network Robustness, one criteria got me from the heart. It is called Molloy-Reed Criteria. When every node is connected at least with two different nodes that means the network is resilient. That is only possible in one form. That may be the reason why circle is a sacred form.

  • You feel safe
  • Intention
  • You feel ease of being yourself
  • No one in the front or at the back,
  • No one is superior
  • All connected.
  • All one.
    Weaving robust networks and experiencing circles via humancircles.net is a curious journey which fascinates by even thinking.

Let’s connect.

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