Human circle.net is an altar of social network that connects in circles.

Beyond stories, beyond every label we are just human beings. Supporting to connect with the inner truth and mother nature has a healing effect. We need that healing effect before go invent another ‘technology’. Ancient technology of mother earth and ancient civilizations are already here when we choose to be and settle into what is!

Connecting one another, uniting conscious intentions to recognize the unconscious. Let’s keep it that simple. Let the rest show itself from that heart connection. Simple acknowledgements are powerful. Realizations, revelations. Individual evolutions in circles. Give and receive love while changing is the essence of human circles. Rest is just an experiment we’re curiously witnessing.

This project is intended to grow technically under open source, creative commons structure. Anything you see here is for you to share, to add on and collaboratively join in. Feel free to be a sparkle.

We are love that is manifested into this physical realm and we’re here to support and empower one another and mother GAIA. And now is a good time to remember that. 

Story behind and about the dreamer is here

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